Thursday, July 5, 2018


Kia Ora,
today we did our Matariki activities. I went to room two. We made flax flowers and star plates. Here is a picture of me.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Learning Journey 2018

Kia Ora, we are making our Learning Journey. We are having our parent and teachers meeting tonight and tomorrow night so we had today and yesterday to update our learning Journey. Here are my results.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Writing to persuade

Kia Ora,
We have been doing writing to persuade using different writing styles. Here is my work.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Speech Writing

Kia Ora, we have been making speeches for a competition. I wrote about why smoking is bad. I also was doing a project on Taiamia Rock so I didn't get as much time to make my speech as some people did. Here is my work.

Have you ever wondered how bad smoking is or are you a smoker?
Hi, my name is Antonio. Today I’m going to tell you how bad smoking really is.
A smoke is something that people have. It has over 4,000 chemicals including
tobacco, nicotine, tin, carbon monoxide and much much more. I believe that
Smoking is bad and here is why.
Firstly, Smoking is bad for your health. Smokes are disgusting,dirty and death
causing.You can get 43 different types of cancers from it. You can also get over
400 different diseases. That is a lot of diseases. Yet, some people think that
smoking is healthy for you. Come on guys think about your own safety. Over
half a million people die per year. In New Zealand 13 people die per day from smoking. I never want to smoke. That’s for sure.
Secondly, Smokes are super expensive. Governments are raising the prices
instead of banning them. Everybody is buying them even though the prices are
going up. People are becoming poor because they are buying smokes. Think
about that. You could be poor from smoking. Over 6.5 trillion smokes are sold
per year. That means if everybody in the world smoked including babies and
kids we would buy over 84000 each, every year. Now that's going to far.
Thirdly, Smoking is addictive. People can’t stop smoking without any help.  
Lots of the chemicals make smoking so addictive like nicotine. Man those
chemicals are bad.  Most people that are trying to quit have to have pills or
a needle or even patches. Even google is saying to not smoke,
So, I’m sure you will totally agree that smoking is super bad, it’s really bad for
your health, it’s way too expensive and it’s really addictive. So cut to the chase.
Call the quitline if are still smoking and if you’re not, help people you know,
to stop. Thank you for listening.

Friday, June 8, 2018

Waitangi Experience

Kia Ora we have just been to Waitangi. We were learning about the battle of Waitangi. We were asked to make a slide with writing like alliteration and moment in time. While doing this we did the 90 minute challenge. It was fun but challenging. Here is my work.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Environmental writing

Kia Ora,
We have been doing a lot of writing lately. We made a environmental poem. We went outside and we looked at all of the stuff around us and sketched about it. Here is mine.